Toyota Genuine Battery

Your car’s battery is what supplies energy to the starter motor, electrical & ignition system.
The Toyota Genuine Battery is specifically designed for all Toyota vehicles to suit Pakistan’s extreme weather conditions. Its unique formulation of active materials helps reduce terminal corrosion, water consumption and self-discharge. This quality product from Toyota has prolonged lifespan (higher reserve capacity) and superior power (higher ampere hours) to keep your Toyota vehicle going.
They are designed to:

    Start engine of your car
    To act like a filter to stabilize the fluctuating Direct Current (DC) voltage from your car’s charging system.
    To provide extra power for lightning, two-way radios, audio system and other accessories when the car engine is idling.
    To provide back-up power to the electrical system when the charging system is not operating, especially when you are driving at night or in bad weather condition.

Visit your nearest Toyota dealership to get your car inspected regularly (3 months or 5,000 km, whichever comes first) for optimal performance of your car.

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